Coaching for nonprofits to diagnose current capacity & grow for the future

Mayor Christina Benty, Town of Golden, BC

"I like to think of Bill as a visionary with dirty hands. By this I mean, he possesses the rare ability to develop comprehensive, creative, big picture, complex ideas while at the same time living in the here and now of the day to day work involved in the comprehensive steps needed to mesh dream and reality. He has proven time and again an ability to hold and sustain vision while working shoulder to shoulder with those on the ground. Over the breadth of his career, this has translated into a litany of impactful work in numerous cultural industries and truly sets him 

above and apart"

Stephanie Fischer, Capitol Theatre, Nelson BC

"Bill's presentation 'Create Value. Become Indispensable.' sums up what arts administrators and Board Directors need to know about successfully running their organizations. Bill provides invaluable tools to objectively assess the relevance of cultural work and how to assess the past, present and plan for the future. A must have presentation for cultural workers and Board Directors."

Galen Olstead, Key City Theatre, Cranbrook BC

"Bill provides an inspirational roadmap to making your organization vibrant and indispensable. He shows how hard work, dedication, perseverance and attention to the right details will make your organization thrive. He provided specifics from what tools to use to assess your organization and the people that are part of it, to tackling governance, to big picture ideas about our work and how to communicate that energy and passion. Bill accomplishes the difficult task of pulling the many elements of Arts and Culture management together and weaves an inspiring and easy-to-access framework."

Hi and welcome to my site! Please take a look around. I've laid out some background and resources for the coaching work I do with nonprofits. If you have questions and would like to explore how I might be able to assist you and your organization, please contact me here and we can set up a complimentary "how do you do?" call.