Nadine Tremblay, Executive Director, Charles Bailey Theatre, Trail

Bill Usher is an engaging and competent arts facilitator that can break larger more complex issues down to the simplest level so that you can better guide your organization. I liked that he gave tangible steps to reach your goal while questioning your overall purpose and it was done with the added bonus of funny video segments and an overarching artistic metaphor. Organizations of all levels would get a lot out of this session and Bill has broad perspectives (both artist, presenter and manager) and a perspective that can consider your geographical location and capacity

Michael Averill, Story Teller, Songwriter, Wandering Minstrel, Vancouver

Bill Usher's session was a treat to attend. It was well researched, and full of practical tools and takeaways useful to presenters and artists. I continue to think about the ideas he presented. What he has accomplished with his community in Golden is inspiring, and a fantastic example of community engagement at its best.

Kathy Ramsey, President, ArtsBC

Bill is our Guru. He inspires us and understands the role people play in powering the arts in BC, everyday in communities large and small.

As Arts BC’s Artistic Director for Creative Thinking, he helps us to adhere to our values of sharing knowledge, in an open and transparent way with respect and integrity; of fresh thinking by being creative in our own work, encouraging new ideas and welcoming unique perspectives; by ensuring inclusiveness from emerging to professional, local to urban; committing to diversity in artistic talent, identity, community and perspective; and by adhering to higher standards in the delivery of our work: supporting the people power of the arts!

Dennis Jacobsen, Chair - The Dream Cafe, Penticton

When I heard Bill speak at Pacific Contact, his words rang home true and clear. Bill talked about the big questions: Who are we and our customers? What value do we deliver? and at What cost? These were questions I was grappling with and his session helped cut through the bullshit and got to the point. As chair, I immediately saw the value of bringing in Bill, with his experience and understanding of the arts and entertainment business, to help our board answer these questions.

Eleanor Hope, Fanny Bay Community Association

This is the best workshop I have attended in years! The information is practical, informative and energizing, and the delivery is skillfully presented with wisdom and wit. The slides and hand-outs keep the participants focused and engaged. Your presentation would be invaluable to any not-for-profit board at whatever stage they are in in their organizational lifecycle. As a retired public health administrator, familiar with health promotion, community development, and organizational management concepts, your workshop made me want to go back to work ... almost. Thanks again.

Erin Kennedy, Artistic Director, Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre

Bill Usher’s session "Have Fun. Try Hard. Create Value. Become Indispensable." is a fantastic guide to the tools and methodology needed to set your organization on the right course. From artist, to funder, to facilitator, Bill’s depth of experience and understanding of the arts gives him a well-rounded perspective. Funny, accessible and relatable, this was an excellent examination on how to optimize your organization’s development role in your community.